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On behalf of all our staff and family, we would like to welcome you to Thunder Ridge Cycle Park, a place where family fun begins and grows.

Thunder Ridge Cycle Park is comprised of close to 380 Acres of woods and fields. We have a reputation for constant and consistent growth and change. We are never satisfied but rather always are looking more avenues for kids and families to find fun and time exploring motorized sports together.

The main Motocross track was completely redesigned by the Thunder Ridge family, with ideas and the participation of retired pro Rider Bruce Stratton in early 2009. The practice track was moved and continues to evolve to create the challenge of motocross along with your riding pleasure. The supercross style track has been utilized for practice and racing. Once the track design is solidified, it will finish receiving it’s lights. In 2005 the Thunder Cross Stadium type of track with a twist in that it has fairly steep hill worked into the loop was built. This track continues to see riders on a regular basis during practice and ride days along with the practice track and supercross style track. This allows us to separate and segregate participants based on size/type of equipment as well as age and ability level on practice and ride days. In 2006 we built another MX track next to the main track. This is utilized both as a quad/mini track, during larger events and/or on wet days, or as an additional practice track on ride and play family days.

The woods trails are still the most challenging and beautiful in all of New York State. Depending on the trail chosen there is anywhere from a 3 to an 8 mile loop in the upper woods. Those trails are marked with arrows and banners from past events and coming events. There is even waterfalls which have been included in some of our Observed Trials events.

All of the Thunder Ridge tracks have a 95% plus view for spectators.

Thunder Ridge began a new 50’ X 100’ clubhouse in 2003 with a fully operational arcade. The expansion for the 2009 season included a basketball court in the back of the building. This gives guests additional opportunities while they are waiting for their race. The expansion plan still includes a second story to portions of the building, to be utilized for signup and tabulation as well as additional office space.

This is our 44th  season of racing and riding fun. I have included a short history of the facility, “If these hills could talk”. You will notice that before there was Motocross at The Ridge there were other “On Any Sunday” types of fun and happenings. While I can’t tell you exactly when motorcycles first graced these hills, I do know that if you include the riding my father and his buddies did here while I was growing up, the Park as an off-road motorcycle Mecca has seen all types of motorized fun since sometime in the mid 60’s and longer than our professional brethren just a couple miles to the north on rte. 8.


Again we bid you welcome and if you, your family and friends experience a small portion of the fun that I have here over the years, then we will have accomplished our goals of continuing motorized family fun on “The Ridge” overlooking the beautiful Unadilla River Valley.

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