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Why should I partner with Thunder Ridge in 2016

     1. The upper woods trail at Thunder Ridge is one of the most challenging in the Northeast. It attracts the best Hare Scrambles riders in the East year after year to test their skills and their machine against “The beast of the East” and the 11 mile loop at “The Ridge.”

    2.  2016 will be the 43th season of continuously running Amateur Hare Scrambles and 42th season of continuously running Amateur (AMA and CNYMRA) Moto Cross for Thunder Ridge in Central New York. That we believe makes it the oldest facility under the same management in New York, who has continuously run Amateur motorcycle off road events. We regularly see riders from back in the day, even after they have left the area, return with their kids and/or their grandkids even if it just for a few days of recreational riding pleasure.

   3.  Every summer we schedule recreational ride days on our 380 acres of motorcycling heaven around the same time as our professional brethren, Unadilla Valley Sports Center, which is a scant 2 miles North of our motorized sports facility. We have two motocross tracks, a couple smaller super cross style tracks, a practice track plus the woods trails for riders to play on.

    4.  We regularly give the riders as many extras as possible to go home with. All extra equipment and gift certificates are given away in random drawings so that all riders have a equal chance at the prizes available.

      For the above reasons, advertising and partnering with Thunder Ridge for the 2013 season will maximize the return on your investment.

      We are looking for prizes and gift certificates for our riders which will point our amateur riders towards your products both today and on into their riding future.

      Following is a more detailed review of the 2012 season.

2016 Review/2017 Season Goals

        Well it looks like the 41st season of racing and riding is history here at Thunder Ridge.  As we are looking forward to 2016 this is a good time to review 2017

       What began as the local “On any Sunday, Let’s go Riding”  for Charlie Edmonds, Wally Lidell, Frank Wright, my Uncle Roger Lewis, Ward “Seeber” Robinson Jr. (of Unadilla Valley Sports Center fame), my father Henry and a bunch of their buddies, now has been Thunder Ridge for 44 seasons.


        This season’s opener was a fairly sane 2 day Mother’s day week-end, albeit jam packed with some exciting racing and family fun. The reaction to the two new double table tops was positive after the riders had a chance to tear them up a bit. Those who had learned to conquer the big double, double in the back corner seemed to miss it at first until they spent some time on the new set of table tops which replaced that double, double. The sunny week-end of CNYMRA racing was a decent start to the new season as opposed to what seemed like constant rain and the Weather Channel advertising “ we will see rain this week-end” for much of the 2011 season. The track had seen only a blanket of hay and no motorized traffic since the snow left and the ground thawed out in mid March.

        The first week-end in June saw a race day similar to our opening events in May, even with a major vintage function in progress across the river at Unadilla Valley Sports Center. The day was perfect for motocross. The racing was exciting and impressive. CNYMRA and Thunder Ridge handed out some special prizes including tires and EVS Certificates to more than half the racers who signed up that day. The prizes were handed out at random so that riders other than the winners had an equal chance to take something home with them.

         The next week-end in June saw almost 1500 spectators come out to watch 600 of the best woods riders from across the US on both bikes and quads pit themselves against one of the most formidable natural riding areas in the Northeast. This was a 10% increase over the previous year, and would have been even greater except for the rain on Saturday plus a local Enduro running just 60 miles away.  “The Ridge” on that Jim Mitrowitz Memorial week-end did not disappoint. By the time the almost 200 Quads were headed for the upper woods, the trails had become wet and extremely unforgiving from the rain which was unleashed by “Mother Nature”. The only thing worse was the sun coming out on Sunday and drying the 11 miles of trail just enough to make the mushy quad ruts become increasingly harder and harder as the day wore on. This made riding the trails rather challenging and difficult for the bikes, even if you weren’t trying to race through them.


         Since the first Thunder Ridge race in the fall of 1974, racing a Hare Scrambles at “The Ridge” has meant enduring numerous elevation changes as well as multiple changes in the racing surface from clay to sand to mud with rocks, mud with no apparent bottom and then slippery shale and back again. If you then add rain to the shale ledges of the upper woods, and presto, you and your mechanical steed had better be good!!  The racers who made it to the podium each day, really had something to brag about. When “Mother Nature” and “The Ridge” get together to bring out their A game, just finishing the race usually brings a tired “ wow” and maybe even a weak smile of satisfaction that you just became one of an elite group of motorized enthusiasts who can say they did it in the “Rain” and the “Mud”  at Thunder Ridge.

       It was poetic justice that Jimmy’s Memorial race was as much of a test as it was. You could almost hear Jimmy’s voice above the din of the engine’s, “come on you can do it, just turn the throttle and go.” I am almost positive that I heard Jimmy’s old layout partner, Teddy Grabowski’s patented “Haw Haw Haw” a couple times in the middle of the roar of motorcycles on Sunday. A muddy or extremely challenging woods race such as this was one of his loves. During numerous races back in the day, you always knew when Teddy made it to the barrels to get scored by his signature laugh as he smiled through a face almost totally covered with dirt and mud.


         All of our sponsors came to the table to help us send a little something extra home with a bunch of the riders that week-end. A big thank you goes out to Full Action Cycle, EVS, Muddy Kotton, RPM’s, Excell Motorsports and Budget Racing who helped us with prizes.

            Next came July 22nd and our “ Denis Petrie memorial ride in” along with the first annual “Ted Grabowski memorial motocross event.” Denis and Ted were a big part of reason that CNYMRA began running AMA sanctioned motocross events back in the mid 70’s. CNYMRA began because of Ted’s gentle nudging to put together a rider friendly series of motocross racing for the growing number of Amateur riders in Central New York. Ted was the first CNYMRA president and the second off-road AMA congressman to come from the motocross venue in D-3. Over the years both these gentlemen lent a hand where ever necessary to maximize the family fun in motorized sports around New York State. Thunder Ridge began running motocross on a rainy May day in 1975, with the help of Teddy and his group of Swamp Fox riders. With the help of TNT Cycle, North Norwich Motors, EVS, Excell Motor Sports, Full Action Cycle and RPM’s, the total entry count for this sunny July Sunday ballooned by 30% over the May and June motocross races. That type of increase during mid-summer has never happened before over the past 39 seasons. Road riders coming to this day of family fun received a commemorative dog tag in Denis’ honor plus 9 MX classes received a special plaque and WFO t-shirt in addition to the trophy they normally would have received to celebrate Teddy’s help over the years. The day was almost as perfect as a day can get in Amateur motocross in the Northeast.

     So what was left for the 2012 season? Our last set of events was Labor Day week-end. It was another exciting and fun packed week-end of CNYMRA motocross action at Thunder Ridge. Both days were sunny and warm. Two perfect days to cap an almost perfect season. Paul Peterson (our announcer) kept everyone on the edge of their seat from the moment he sang “The National Anthem” until the last motorcycle had left the track. Paul does an excellent job of talking up our sponsors and the positive roll they play here at “The Ridge”  He knows, first hand, what it means to race at Thunder Ridge and it shows in the way he projects himself on the PA System. His last races when he was an Amateur were here at “The Ridge” just before he turned Expert, back in the day.


      Except for race days and a couple picnics, in mid June and mid Aug, the main track has been off limits all season to motorcycles and quads. The only traffic on the main track has been that of tractors and bulldozers. Each race has seen a new layer of grass and hay added as part of the between race surface repair process. That mixture has been mulched into the track each race to help build back the soil which has been pulverized by today’s ever increasing horsepower. As this is being written, the main track has a layer of grass with nice young sprouts of winter rye sticking out of it. The soil was so fertile from this past summers work, that the rye seeds we spread peaked out within a week from being spread on the track.

      The woods are repaired from the perfect mix of rain and motorized fun in early June. At this point it looks like that process will be finished near the end of Oct., depending on mother nature and her whims.  A winter of rest will help promote the healing process and the chopped grass cover helped protect the MX track from the onslaught of winter and spring 2013’s rains and snow runoff.

       Our goal during the early portion of the 2012 season was to try to honor the past, from where we came and some of those who helped Thunder Ridge become Thunder Ridge. Included in that process was a goal and desire to bring all the racing surfaces back as close as possible to where it began. As my grandfather warned back in the day, “always put back more than you take.” With an ongoing revitalization program like this, the plan was to have the restoration to a natural surface complete by the end of Sept. and ready for the 2013 season after a winter of rest. By no means will the process stop here though. We have the quad, practice and super cross tracks to work on as well and will continue to add mulch to the main track as we go forward into the new season.

     At the last race I attempted to concentrate on the future. To do that, we gave some extra prizes to the youth, beginner and novice classes plus offered the youth classes some special two day pricing in “Operation Rollback”.


     This was in addition to our normal stimulus package of products and certificates which we give out in a random drawing to racers on all event days. There were certificates from EVS, Excell Motor Sports and RPM’s plus some hats, grips and t-shirts and $50.00 cash for an expert each day from North Norwich Motors. There were additional items given away during 2012 from CNYMRA, Full Action Cycles, Budget Racing and Muddy Kotton. Other help came from Moose Racing, TNT Cycle, Mud and Moto Photo along with Fly Racing.


      We will again be funding The Michael James Simmons scholarship award which we give out each January to a deserving CNYMRA member college student, that it might help them meet their goals in life. That scholarship began in the 1991 season and has given at least one rider each year between $250 and $600 to be used in their second semester of college during that year. This January we will give out the 22nd award which will push the total of scholarship’s handed out to just over $12,000.00. We always graciously accept and appreciate any donations towards this scholarship award. All donations are acknowledged as desired.

       At “The Ridge” we currently have a second slightly shorter MX track which utilizes the same start gate as the main MX track. We have utilized that track on larger rider count days in the past to race quads at the same time as bikes on the separate tracks in order to shorten the day and add to the excitement. We are currently looking for 4-6 additional 2000-3000 gallon plastic or metal water tanks to help streamline the race day watering of both tracks. We would add the names of those who donate/sponsor to those and existing water tanks. Company names on the new tanks purchased plus a multitude of air time for the next two seasons will be given to any sponsors helping us with water tanks. Our major track sponsors will be given PA air time plus their names on tanks and signs around the facility.

      We will also be looking for 3 more water tanks to position on our separate practice and supercross tracks. Again sponsors will be given their name on the tank they help supply plus air time on our PA system for a minimum of 2 years.

      The challenges of the past 1.5 years have slowed the construction of our ¼ mile tri-oval. We are also looking for a partner to help us finish the tri-oval at Thunder Ridge along with it’s associated viewing pavilion and stands in order to broaden our coverage in the motorized sport industry plus extend our message of family fun into other areas of motorized sports. As part of this process we have yet to name this new track addition to Thunder Ridge. Whomever wishes to partner with us to finish the track early next year, will be able to pick the name of the new track. The track itself is currently about 50% complete. In the future, we would like to add a restaurant to that pavilion area as well. This area overlooks both motocross tracks as well as the ¼ mile tri-oval.


      We currently have scheduled 4 week-ends of motocross excitement with CNYMRA plus a WNYOA Hare Scrambles week-end for 2013. Our goal is to have a combination of 150-200 prizes (such as Helmets, goggles, tires and gloves) and gift certificates to hand out to our riders on each week-end of racing during 2013. Each company that does that will be considered the prime sponsor for that event. Depending on the number of prizes and total dollar amounts supplied, we may offer this program to 2 or 3 sponsors together at one event. The sponsors who worked with us to get something extra in as many riders hands as possible during this past season made a tremendous difference. Our desire is to ramp the help for our young riders up to the next level with your help for 2013.

     As another opportunity, a company can have their name or logo added to each trophy for that one particular day of racing.

    As you look towards next season, would you please put Thunder Ridge on your list of partners to help spread the word about your products and to help the youth of today have a shot at becoming the pro’s of tomorrow. Please contact us with any opportunities which you may have available for next year’s sponsorships or any questions about our desires and programs. Remember that we are a scant 2 miles away and just across the river from Unadilla Valley sports Center.

      Thank you for taking the time to review our goals. We would appreciate any thoughts or comments. Please let me know how you might wish to help us put more in the riders hands which in turn will help us all.


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